Welcome to my site! My name Haddy, I'm a Software Developer, and in these pages, you can see what I've been working on recently, and what services I provide.


Your Creative Ideas

Through discussion, submission of documents, and collaboration, we gather your requirements.


My Experience

Over a decade of experience developing applications in many environments, will be at your fingertips.


Modern Techniques & Technology

Technology moves fast, choosing someone who has a knack for learning new technologies, means you'll never be stuck in the stone age.


Strong Results

Effective results in reasonable time. Your project is a priority, don't let people tell you it isn't.



RedCow Point of Sale

A point of sale system that I have designed to make managing inventory, orders and customers, easier for small businesses!

My Mission


Who I Am

I'm a geek, I love funny things, as well as enjoy exploring new ideas. I also have a love for technology, building things, innovation and a desire to improve and help the world be more efficient. It's important to me, that in everything I do, there be a drive to continually improve upon a design and encourage growth of all involved in a particular project. I prefer to test limits, than be bound by them, and share my experience so others can learn from my failures and successes.


Physical and Digital

Although, much of what I work on is digital, I also enjoy physically creating objects to innovate the way things work and bring about processes that help with day-to-day tasks we encounter in our homes and workplaces. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, cutting lumber and measuring dimensions, and building something by hand. I love classic Americana, and would love to see a return of skilled laborers in America.