About: Haddicus Games

  • The Beginning

    As a child, games helped me escape reality - I love immersing myself in a story, whether in a printed book, or video game. I have a passion for bringing stories, ideas and other world tales to others, through my games.

    Sean Haddy, Founder - Haddicus Games
  • Aspiring to inspire others, through stories, tales and fun ideas.

Haddicus Games was founded by Sean Haddy (Goes by Haddy), a programmer for over a decade, whom has an incredible desire to see thoughts and ideas, portrayed in a digital form. Haddy has worked with half a dozen studios over the last 5 years, offering programming, team lead and game development services for many games. The pursuit of helping others achieve their own gamedev goals, inspired Haddy to pursue his own! Creating concepts, designs, and functional systems - is a part of the passion Haddy lives and works for, daily.

Main Focus

The primary focus of Haddicus Games, is to rekindle the same type of fun, passionate and bare-bones game-play that was seen in the 80's and 90's. A passion for local multi-player, and single-player games, Haddy pushes to re-ignite these retro arcade classics, into formats that are fun to re-imagine, in different ways. The primary targets for Haddicus Games, are:

  • Areas of focus for studio titles:

    • Single player and local multi-player
    • Clean and clear game-play
    • Reinventing classics
    • Focus on player experience

Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal for Haddicus Games, is for it to become a self-sustainable entity that can produce classically focused titles that the community enjoys to play. The studio is currently ran by Sean Haddy, and art, music, and other required assets are purchased, and commissioned, as needed.