August Focus: Marketing

Marketing - the Godzilla of Gamedev.

A point to an end.

What do you feel, when you hear the word "Marketing", for a project you are involved in? As a programmer, I find it incredibly difficult to spend time and focus on Marketing for any length of time. During the time in which I do spend working on it, the entire time I'm considering the systems architecture to my next game issue, or problem that I know I will be encountering soon. As programmers, developers and artists, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult to devote time to a subject we avoid talking about. Of course, without marketing our games, our progress and our new initiatives, how will people ever find out, about the next game they desire to get?

Marketing is like those bills sitting on the table - eventually you have to get to them.

Marketing is quite like those bills sitting on the table - eventually you have to get to them. Of course, there are more choices for you to ignore a marketing campaign, verses ignoring the bill collector calls once you go delinquent. It is incredibly important that we realize, as game artists, developers, programmers, or whatever part of the game industry you may fill, that without sharing our work, no one can give feedback regarding it. Of course, there is often feedback that hurts us - this is okay. Putting your heart, ideas and thoughts out there can open yourself up to criticism. Don't take it to heart! Keep pressing forward!

Taking the criticism, exposing thyself

Showing others your work, can be incredibly difficult for artists and developers to do. The smallest things can get under your skin, especially in cases where the person on the other end, does not understand the amount of work it took you, to get where you are at, as well as, where the product you are presenting, is at. It's okay to feel it. This means you care about your work, your quality, and what other people think about your work. AAA artists and developers did not get to where they are now, instantly. Just because someone else is having more success than you now, doesn't mean you won't be there one day. Giving up shouldn't be an option, for something you absolutely love. I love making games, and I hope I will continue to be able to make games, for a long time.

~ Sean Haddy Founder, Haddicus Games