After moving through several concepts, Dungeon Escapade was chosen to move forward with.

As a studio, it can be really though to determine which idea to follow after.

The Idea Factory

Occasionally newbies will enter a Discord channel I'm involved with, and essentially beg for ideas. This absolutely baffles me, as most indies actually have a harder time, focusing on one particular idea, because they have so many different ideas flowing through their head. Not all ideas will necessarily make games that people will be drawn to - in fact, even those ideas that are on the top of your list - if the implementation is bad - or the artwork off, it can play a dramatic role on the game's reception. Weeding through ideas, to determine which one to actually invest time in is a tough job, for an Indie developer. The idea behind Dungeon Escapade was no different - in fact, this idea has been in my backlog for quite some time, now.

Not all ideas will necessarily make games that people will be drawn to...

Ideas themselves, when they present themselves, often seem like something one should jump to - but I've started, when coming up with an idea, writing down the concepts, as thorough as possible, in a notebook, or in a task management tool (my favorite right now, is HackNPlan *not a sponsor*). Keeping track of these ideas can really help when trying to brainstorm new game directions - in this case, this idea came from one of my dreams I had months ago, and I finally decided to bite the bullet, after working through other ideas.

Come September... content generation will go into affect [for Dungeon Escapade]

Moving Forward Plan

The ultimate goal with Dungeon Escapade is to create a simple, yet fun dungeon crawler, that allows the player to easily interact with a destructible world, with tons of intractable items, and product some fun scenarios to work through. The release phase for this game is focused at fast, small releases, that will be coupled with content, level and feature updates. While August isn't going to be focused much on this content generation, it was important for me to get it published, and put it in player hands. Come September, or after marketing is finalized, this content generation will go into affect, pushing to get more users interested in the game.

The Marketing Dilemma

While my heart says, right now, to go into content generation phases, by brain says that I need to focus more on marketing piece, that will allow players easy access to see studio progress, find content, and hear more about upcoming releases. This marketing phase has been on my backlog, for along time. I felt that if I don't make time for it, players will lose out on hearing about this information, and seeing progress (before release). I'm hoping to be making the right decision, but only time will tell. More can be read about August's Marketing focus, in this article!

~ Sean Haddy Founder, Haddicus Games