August Update: Marketing Complete, Alpha 2 released, and reviving an old title!

Alpha 2 for Dungeon Escapade sent to Certification!

After my summer focus on gamejams, I got head deep into important updates for Dungeon Escapade.

DE Alpha 2 Updates:

While it's nice, from time to time, to take a break from main goals, studio primary projects, it's also important to get back to major developments. My focus for Alpha 2 for Dungeon Escape, was to take feedback obtained from various testers, and produce an improved build. Provided on the right (or below, on mobile) is a list of specific updates covered in the update. This update also includes a new Xbox Live sign-in system that will associate your high scores with your Xbox Live profile - I will be making a list of high scores in the near future for new game modes planned for development.

August Marketing Complete!

I've rolled out a new video for the Early Access Alpha for Dungeon Escapade. If you haven't seen it, you can check it out on the top of the Dungeon Escapade Page, here! As more features and game modes are added to the game, I will update/improve the video marketing for the title. I also rolled out this new website which has given way to a new and improved company image, branding and forward motion that's really empowering me to stay focused. With this in mind, and my birthday here, I decided to use the opportunity to give out 5 copies of Dungeon Escapade once it exits certification for Alpha 2. The contest ends on September 1st, and 5 winners will be chosen, whom responded to the original twitter thread, here.

Planned feature work for Mini RC Racing:

Reviving an old game - Mini RC Racing

A while back I worked quite a bit on developing a little racing title, named Mini RC Racing. With release of new IL2CPP compiler for Unity, I decided to update the game, do a recompile, and remove some more advanced graphics features of the game, that were bogging it down dramatically, on the Xbox. I'm excited to say that I've been able to work through quite a few enhancements that is allowing the game to run nicely on the Xbox hardware, which was the original intention for the game.

With that, I've revived the project, and will be working towards getting a build of it, out to the Microsoft store, while Dungeon Escapade works its way through Alpha 2 Certification, and I collect more feedback on that game. Here are some screenshots from the game, and a list of features I'll be moving forward with, through early/mid September!

~ Sean Haddy Founder, Haddicus Games