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Escape from the dungeon, with your wits about you.

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Arcade/Dungeon Crawler


Alpha $5.99

Exploring the region of Megethon, everything seemed to be going great, until someone at the marketplace mistook you for a bandit... criminals here are thrown to the dungeon where known evil exists. Each warrior given weapons to defend themselves, and personal abilities that the town doesn't have a knowledge of. It's time to show these creatures a challenge they've never encountered!

Dungeon Escapade is a Dungeon Crawler explorer that has a story that follows the main character through a labyrinth of tunnels, caves and man-made torture chambers that haunt the city of Megethon. Instead of taking care of the problem, the citizens use it as an arena of pain for those they feel are guilty of treason, punishable by death. As you explore the caves, you learn more disturbing details of what lies buried in the city's past.

  • Current Features:

    • Single player dungeon crawler
    • Single Alpha Map
    • HUD interactive display
    • Destructible environment
    • Combo/Bonus system
  • Planned Features:

    • Global Leader-board
    • Arena Mode - battle onslaughts of enemy waves
    • Endless Mode - creepy dungeons, that never end
    • 5 level maps with story interaction
    • Character Selector