Haddicus Games offers game development services in the following areas:

  • Game Design

    From game initial concepts, all the way to release - game design and iterative improvements to design are essential to a release

    • Story Development (writing) and Scene Building (developing)
    • Target Area consulting and technology/distribution analysis
    • Audience focus and scope definition
    • Concept architecture development
  • Game Development (Unity3d with XBox/Windows/Web/Android targets)

    Programming, functional areas of design and structural development

    • Over a decade of experience, programming in C#
    • Data design approaches for advanced structures and interaction systems
    • AI development/base structures, functional state systems, and OOP approaches to extend functionality to different unit types
    • User Interface development for different device targets and scalable systems to meet project requirements
    • 2d and 3d Development targets for mobile, desktop and console production
    • Service creation for delivering and staying connected to your users and scoring systems
  • Marketing and Consulting

    Creation and modifications and materials to help in distribution and exposure

    • Creating and modification of themes to meet game and system needs
    • Website publishing, development and web application development
    • Trailer design & development
    • Social media marketing
  • Get in touch

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